Protect Our Children Oh God

Hello my blog family and friends. The school year of 2019 – 2020 is now here. As we send our children and loved ones out daily, we speak they shall return to us safe and sound. This week and the weeks to come we will be praying over our children, our youths, our future. As they leave their homes daily to do what’s expected of them, which is get their education, we speak they will return to us safe and unharmed in Jesus name. A hedge of protection will be placed around them in Jesus name. If you agree with me thus far than I ask that you pray this prayer with me.

Lord we come to you in Jesus name asking you to protect our children as they set out daily to be empowered with the wisdom and knowledge they need to excel in this world. God give them the hunger to learn, and a listening ear to hear what’s being taught. Open their minds to imagine and create new things. Give them inventions, and solutions to problems others before them could not solve in Jesus name. We speak that this generation will begin to see who they are and how powerful a mind willing to learn can be. Lord we come against bullying and fighting in Jesus name. We speak peace in each and every classroom. We speak the love for teaching will return to the teachers in Jesus name. We cover every bus under the blood of Jesus no accidents shall take place in Jesus name. Every driver, every child will return home safely each and every day, from every field trip , and every game in Jesus name. We speak peace on every bus and peace to every driver in Jesus name. We speak this year will be a year of excellency for our students. We speak this year will be one of the highest graduation rates ever. Lord we pray that parents will be more involved and show up and stand up as parents. Cover our teachers under the blood and give them wisdom, knowledge, and compassion on how to handle each student as individuals while still teaching to a group in Jesus name. God we trust and believe that this things and greater will be done with our children this year, in Jesus name Amen.

Parents pray with your children, instill in them the power of prayer. Be a watch over our children. Watch over mine as I watch over yours. Let’s be in this school year together. Let’s begin to pray over each others children. I challenge you to pray for your child daily and teach them to pray over their classroom daily, and watch how God moves. Now who is praising God in advance for a new thing this school term? I know I am!

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