Give Him Praise

Hello my blog family and friends! Today and every other day is the best day to give God praise.

No long post today just a praise report. No one thing in particular, but for the many things he had done. Today openly praise him for bringing you to the place you are now! For truly knowing him as a provider, a keeper, and a way maker. These are not just words for me. I know the road me and mine a have traveled. We may have been wounded and may have some scars, but we’re here and God is still in control and yet delivering, healing, and blessing us. I know I have to see it before I see it and I have faith to do just that. Give God a hallelujah, give him a shout of victory, share the goodness of God your healer. Remind people that God is still in the blessing and healing business. Share your testimony with others. Your testimony could very well be the encouragement someone needs.

So praise God for his protection, grace, and his mercy. Give God your request and the request of a loved one, then praise him for it! Bless God today by being a blessing. Ask him him how can you be a blessing today, and be obedient when he answers. Let’s be a blessing so that we can be blessed. God is a God the can not and will not fail. Take a moment to reflect on the Goodness of God. If you are coming up empty then you need a faith believing, God loving and forgiving church. I pray God leads you to the church family he has hand picked just for you. Be blessed my blog family and friends❤️

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