Pastor’s Need Prayer Too!

Hello my blog family and friends! October is the month for Pastor’s Appreciation. Our Pastor’s are in need of prayer. Our nation and our communities are in need of a change. Today my heart is geared towards the Pastor’s. They need prayer just as much as we do, if not more. God is holding the Pastor’s accountable for leading, guiding, and teaching the word of God to our families, communities, and to our nation. They are held at a higher standard. They have to be aware of every word they speak,and every action they make, because they are a representation of God. Anyone with that kind of responsibility needs prayer. Your Pastor, whom you love dearly, needs prayer too.

Lord we come before you in Jesus name thanking you for giving our Pastor’s more spiritual wisdom, more spiritual knowledge, and a clearer spiritual understanding. lord open the spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear what thus saith the Lord. Give them a clear direction as to how to lead your people in the way you would have them to go. In Jesus name give them the words of encouragement our families and our nation needs. Show them how to reach this lost generation that’s so full of hate. Show them how to reach parent’s that don’t understand the importance of teaching children to fear the Lord. Give them the right words to say to change the mind of the unbeliever. In Jesus name use our Pastor’s mightily, use them like never before God. Lord anoint our Pastor’s voice that the words they read and speak become life to us who’s listening. In Jesus name from this day forward they will be better leaders, and better teachers. God as for Pastor’s who are misleading your people, uncover them in Jesus name. For the Pastor’s who living contrary to what they are teaching, or living contrary to the word of God, uncover them in Jesus name. Let no one benefit from standing before your people teaching lies and being deceitful in Jesus name. Lord remind our Pastor’s to teach what thus saith the Lord and not what the people want to hear. Remind them they are here to bring change, to preach change, to demonstrate change in Jesus name. We thank you for hearing us Lord, we thank you for the change in our Pastor’s, we thank you for the new thing your doing in them, even now. We Pray and believe this, in Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you for being in agreement with me and praying for our Pastor’s. Be blessed and stay encouraged,

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