Do I Deserve It?

Hello my blog family and friends. Again, Happy Holidays! This is the time of year when children tell their parents all they want. As parents, we have to decide if they deserve it. Have they meet the requirements to get what they are asking? Have they been obedient? Have they done all you have asked of them? Well God the Father has requirements for us also. We must be obedient, and meet his requirements. Are you doing all he has asked you to do? Do you deserve what your asking for?

All I ask, is that you make a list of what you want God to do for you, then think about what he requires of us as Christians, now ask yourself do you deserve what your asking him for. We all are extended Gods grace and mercy every day, but what do you deserve because of your obedience? Please don’t say God knows my heart. He also knows you understand right from wrong. If you won’t reward your children for their wrong doing, then why should God reward us for ours? Do you deserve what your asking for?

When I begin to think about this, my prayer changed to Lord make me worthy of your many blessings. Lord show me how to be pleasing in your sight. Lord show me how to put you first. God knows I want to be deserving of all he has for me, do you? I ask that you do a self examination, determine if you deserve it, or if you need to make some life changes. If change is what you need, then God is able to do anything you ask him to do. Be Blessed, stay encouraged, and may we all change for the better.

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