In Jesus Name

Hello my blog family and friends. My week is off to a great start! Enjoyed praise and worship with my U-Turn Outreach family, our Pastor preached a powerful word on POWER. I hate I had to leave early, but a friend sent me the scriptures and some good notes. Today our time together, will be us praying together. We can never have to much prayer in our life. Actually, we need it everyday, through out the day. So I pray in Jesus name, this prayer will bless, encourage, and strengthen us as we go through the week.

God I come before you first, thanking you for life, health, and strength. Lord I know that it’s because of you we live, move , and have our being. Lord I ask that as we enter this week, we enter it with you leading and guiding us. Holy spirit thank you for being that voice that instructs us to say what God would have us to say. Holy spirit lead and guide us to do the things God has destined for us to do, and to be who he has destined for us to be. As we go about our day, may we be an inspiration as we speak words of encouragement to those who need it. In Jesus name, I speak life into everyone that feels spiritually dead. God I speak strength, in Jesus name into those who feel they may be to weak to go on. God I come against every ache and pain and speak wholeness into those who are sick. I curse every disease to the root right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Nothing is to hard for our God to solve! So we will stand on the word trusting and believing that we are and our families are healed in Jesus name. I bind and come against any and every form of addiction that may be attacking and controlling families in Jesus name, and we speak peace and deliverance into those homes right now. In Jesus name, I claim peace and unity, with our co-workers and command order and truth on our jobs. God just have your way in our life and continue to be a light in the dark times of our life. Thank you God for peace, love and favor. Favor with men in high places. Thank you for constantly proving your love for us. Thank you for being a constant hedge of protection around about our spouse, children, grandchildren, family and friends. Thank you God for being a God of many chances. A God of grace and mercy. A God of your word. Now help us Lord to be pleasing in your sight as we go about day to day during this week. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Be blessed and stay encouraged my blog family and friends.

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